of the BIA of Stark & East Central Ohio

The Building Industry Association of Stark & East Central Ohio is more than simply a trade association. This non-profit organization offers a broad range of services to meet the diverse needs and interests of its members, the local building industry, and the community.

Some of the many services the BIA offers its members include:

Industry Promotions:
The BIA produces several events throughout the year that bring public attention to the building industry. These events help members sell products and become recognized in a positive framework. Annual events include Industry Night, the Stark County Home & Garden Show, the Parade of Homes, and Spring and Fall Circuits of New Homes.

Government Relations:
By joining the BIA, you also become a member of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), and the Ohio Home Building Association (OHBA). These organizations work at the local, state, and national level to maintain a positive atmosphere for growth in our industry.

• Maintains a professional staff of government affairs experts
• Watches all legislation pertaining to the building industry
• Maintains congressional contacts and a very active Build PAC is your gateway to exclusive members-only content, resources, discounts and benefits
• NAHB Discounts: For an up-to-date list of all companies go to
• Employs a full-time director and staff in Columbus to monitor State legislature, the Board of Building Standards, and other government bodies that affect the industry
• Supports a state PAC
• Maintains close relations with all state representatives and senators

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Local BIA:
Constantly lobbying local government to make sure building industry concerns are addressed. Appears and testifies on zoning and building codes and impact fee issues. Serves on the County Board of Building Appeals. Fights excessive regulation at the local, state and federal level. Provides help with utilities. 

Social Activities & Events:
A range of social activities for members includes the Installation Banquet and Golf Outing. Social events are held at a variety of places with speakers, different themes, and programs that offer a real way to increase business contacts and learn more about the building industry. Also, the BIA has nearly 20 committees that offer its members the opportunity to meet other members, share skills, increase knowledge, and receive recognition.

Money-Saving Benefits
The BIA offers opportunities to save money on several products and services by obtaining group rates for its members. The areas a member can save money include phone services, workers' compensation, car purchasing and rentals, and legal research. Current members also offer discounts to other members. 

Several publications are available at every level of the BIA to our members only. The local newsletter updates members on upcoming events, legislative updates, and member services. BIA members also receive a copy of the local Membership Directory for convenience in contacting fellow members. Members also receive free copies of "Builder" magazine and "Nation's Building News."

Community Involvement
The BIA supports many charitable organizations with members' time and from contributions through the BIA Foundation.